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Evergreen Park and Recreation District - Program Evaluation

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  2. Evergreen Park and Recreation District

    Program Evaluations

  3. Thank you for your participation in the Evergreen Park and Recreation District’s programs.  Your input is very important to us.  We have developed this evaluation so that we may serve you better.  Please take a few minutes to fill out this evaluation and return it to Kendra Head, Recreation Supervisor - Programs,

  4. Program Name:

  5. Instructor:

  6. Ratings - Instructor:

  7. 1. Instructor was knowledgeable.

  8. Please check one.*
  9. 2. Instructor was well prepared.

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  11. 3. Instructor was enthusiastic.

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  13. 4. Was the instructor punctual.

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  15. Ratings - Program/Activity

  16. 1. Would you recommend this program to others?

  17. 2. Program was organized and well run?

  18. 3. Program registration information was satisfactory?

  19. 4. What other fitness classes/programs would you like to be offered and at what time?

  20. Ratings - General/Facility

  21. 1. Please rate our customer service.

  22. Please check one.*
  23. 2. Please rate our facility cleanliness.

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  25. Additional Comments

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