Man lifting bar bell weight during fitness test

Senior Fit Test

Fitness is very important for everyone, but especially those 55 years and older. Older adults need to have adequate strength, flexibility and endurance to accomplish everyday tasks. Assessing these components of fitness can detect weakness, which can be treated before causing serious, functional limitations. Because of this, EPRD has utilized the Senior Fit Test. 

During this 15 minute private session, individuals will be tested on a wide variety of activities, including getting up from chairs, walking, lifting and bending. All of the tests were developed with safety and science in mind to meet the needs of everyone. The results of the test will be used as a resource to the participant and instructor to help target the specific areas of growth needed in order for them to maintain ideal health!

Senior Fit Tests are by appt only. There is one person per session.

Please call 720-880-1100 (BPRC) or 720-880-1200 (WRC) to schedule your fit test with one of our instructors.