EPRD has been working with Denver for 7 years on a Cooperative Agreement with the City and County of Denver to provide recreational services at Evergreen Lake (Dedisse Park). 

To summarize the highlights of the forthcoming 50+ page agreement (which still needs final approval from Denver):

1. EPRD will continue to manage recreation activities including boating and skating. Weddings and concerts will still be held as well.
2. The agreement only covers the areas outlined in the attached diagram.  Denver will be responsible for all other areas of Dedisse Park.
3. EPRD will pay $25,000 per year to Denver for the right to operate recreation services and events.
4. The cost of significant capital improvements will be shared between the two entities, and EPRD, with some limits and restrictions, may apply part of the annual fee towards those capital improvements.
5. The term of the agreement is 30 years with possible extensions.
6. Previous agreements with EMD and Jeffco regarding recreation on the lake are superseded by this agreement.
7. The North Lake Trail project will continue unimpeded by this agreement.