Mary McGhee - Preliminary Board Member Elect

Mary McGhee


  • Colorado Division of Gaming


  • Senior IT System Auditor


  • Graduated with a Degree in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University
  • Masters Degree is in Computer Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University

Certifications: Wharton Business School “Integrating Finance and Marketing: A Strategic Framework” leadership certification (2002)


  • Currently on the executive board of the 501C organization, Daughters of the American Revolution


  • Volleyball referee
  • CPR
  • Lifeguard
  • Certified in Scuba Diving

Why are you interested in serving on the Evergreen Park and Recreation District’s Board of Directors? 

I am interested in serving on EPRD board because I have been actively involved with EPRD since 1995.  What sets me apart is that I have evaluated EPRD from both inside and outside, as a patron, event volunteer, as well as an employee.  I am on-site 2-4 days every week.  I have a more comprehensive 360 degree view of EPRD than the other candidates.

From the private sector, I bring process improvement experience as well as consensus building with my current role with state government.  

What is the biggest challenge you see for the Evergreen Park and Recreation District in the future? 

  1. Aligning a new Master Plan with the changing needs of district residents. The previous Master Plan is 11 years old.  The new 2020 census data needs to be incorporate as well as a new Citizen Survey.
  2. Another challenge would be increasing the district boundaries which would add more property tax revenue to the EPRD budget.  
  3. How can we do better on cost recovery for the pool and aquatics programs? 
  4. A bond referendum is certainly a controversial issue. Many district residents have reached a saturation point for what they pay in taxes.  Survey showed a modest tax increase would be tolerable if the construction project has clearly needed, tangible, realized benefits. The last bond initiative failed because residents did not want a 70% increase in their EPRD taxes.  Instead of building another facility, can we use our existing resources better?  There are unused times that could be filled with better scheduling. Instead of saddling local residents with a $39 million debt for a pool, field or court, the answer could be in expanded hours for the already-constructed assets.  Also, it is more cost effective to pay front desk personnel for another hour of work to stay open, than build a whole new facility. 
  5. Explore grant opportunities with the department of wildlife (DOW) and joint ventures with current partners (Open Space, Denver Mountain Parks, and the Jefferson County School district)
  6. Address aging amenities. The WRC pool is celebrating its 48th birthday and needs a new heater.
  7. More MBWA (management by walking around) to uncover operational improvements.  There are too many instances of EPRD missing out on collecting league fees.     
  8. Better customer service. Most districts in Colorado have one rec center.  Some neighboring communities do not have any rec centers!  And we enjoy two, Wulf and Buchanan!  Players from Conifer, Golden and Idaho Springs that come here for leagues and programs that they don’t have.  They pay a higher out-of-district price.  They help fill out teams when there are not enough local players.  They help EPRD take in more revenue.  We should welcome their business not discourage it. 
  9. Let us build on the successes of past boards and craft a future that meets the needs of today’s parks and rec users. 


Started as a system engineer at Electronic Data Systems in 1983.  Over the last 40 years I built large scale, IT systems for manufacturing, health care, sales and marketing (working for J&J Hospital Services, Coors Brewing Company, BASF Chemicals and AT&T).  I have also forged partnerships between distributors, sales, marketing and technology by aligning projects to business needs.  Currently I audit casino IT systems for the CO Dept of Revenue. Even more than the power of technology, I believe in the power of sports and recreation. It is something for which I have always carved out time in my own life and is the reason why I work with kid’s programs.

Personal Info – ran the NYC Marathon twice (1992 and 1993) and local trail racer, 1st place overall winner in the EPRD Elk Meadow trail race.   Volleyball player and referee.   Horseback rider and occasional instructor.  Jumped the US Equestrian Team cross country course at Gladstone NJ.