Upper and Lower Trail Rendering

The Evergreen Lake North Trail Improvement is Wrapping Up

Thanks to the dedication of ESCO and the cooperation of all our project partners, the Evergreen Lake North Trail project is moving along on schedule and on budget:  

  • the support wall is complete;
  • Upper Trail concrete work is complete; and
  • Lower Trail is 90% complete.  

The current detour for westbound vehicle traffic will be removed by August 31 (After the detour is removed, alternating one-way traffic may be required intermittently to complete final construction activities). The project is scheduled to be completed by November 2023.

After the detour is removed, the trail will remain closed and the project will remain an active construction site until further notice. 

Please no pedestrians or bicycles in the construction zone.

Thank you Evergreen for hanging in there to help achieve this major improvement for our community.

For Project Details: 

You may request to receive weekly email updates at evergreenlakenorthtrail@gmail.com.

The Evergreen Lake North Trail Project was created in response to the Spring 2016 closure of the trail along State Highway 74 on the north side of Evergreen Lake between Upper Bear Creek Road and Evergreen Dam.  The trail system is located on property owned by the City and County of Denver (CCD) and managed by the Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD).  The project's goal is to work with the community, stakeholders, and funders to develop a long-term solution for the Evergreen Lake North Trail to improve safety, accessibility, and connectivity in our community. Improvements to this trail segment were recommended by the 2015 Evergreen Trails Master Plan.

Project Progress:

Update 6-2023: Major construction activities are underway in June, including relocation of the waterline under the trail, excavation, installation of support pilings, and wall installation. The fishermen’s parking lot is closed, and trail and traffic detours along the construction zone are in place. The detour for westbound vehicle traffic along the construction zone will be in place 24/7 from May 1 through to the completion of major construction. Eastbound vehicle traffic on CO 74 will not be affected.  Please stay safe and use designated detours — no pedestrians are permitted in the construction zone or the roadway next to the construction.

Update 5-2023:  After the long wait, construction of the Evergreen Lake North Trail has BEGUN!  As of May 1, the fishermen’s parking lot is closed and trail and traffic detours along the construction zone are in place. The detour for westbound traffic along the construction zone will be in place 24/7 from May 1 through to the completion of construction. Eastbound traffic on CO 74 will not be affected. The trail improvements will provide long-lasting solutions to improve accessibility, safety, and connectivity in the heart of the Evergreen community. Please visit EPRD’s ELNT page for detour maps and project information. To sign up for regular project updates, please contact the project hotline at (720) 356-4440 or project email at evergreenlakenorthtrail@gmail.com.

Update 4-2023:  Project updates can be found at this link: ELNT Project Update April 12 (PDF)

Update 3-2023:  The initial preconstruction phase of the ELNT project begins March 20 and involves potholing to locate all utilities under the existing trail. Potholing will have crews on CO 74 and will require daily alternate lane closures to keep crews and the traveling public safe. This initial preconstruction potholing phase of the project is expected to last one to two weeks beginning March 20.  

Construction of the trail and support wall underneath the trail will begin later this Spring. Trail construction work is scheduled to begin by May 2023 and is expected to last until Fall 2023. 

During the initial preconstruction potholing phase of the project:

  • There will be one-lane alternating traffic throughout the potholing phase of the project.
  • Delays up to 10 minutes can be expected.
  • Loads wider than 12 feet will be restricted through the work zone.

Update 2-2023: After competitive bidding, the construction project has been awarded to ESCO Construction Company of Evergreen, Colorado. The project schedule will be defined in the coming weeks. 

Update 12-2022: The Evergreen Lake North Trail construction project is currently out to bid for construction, with bids due December 9. The upcoming trail improvements will provide long-lasting solutions to improve accessibility, safety, and connectivity in the heart of the Evergreen community. Once we have more information from our selected trail builder, EPRD will share schedule information and regular project updates on EPRD’s ELNT page. Thank you for your patience and continued support as we prepare to undertake this major improvement for Evergreen.

Update 08-2022:  The construction project was advertised for bidding on June 24, 2022. One bid was received, and it was rejected in view of the current project budget.  The project stakeholder team is gathering information and evaluating the project’s schedule and specs in hopes of making some adjustments that will generate more affordable bids. We plan to readvertise the construction project in October 2022.  In the meantime, EPRD plans to issue an RFP for Construction Management Services in August or September.  Notice of upcoming advertisements will be posted on this website's Active Solicitations page.

Update 05-2022:  The project has received final permits from Jefferson County.  We are now in the final phase of obtaining concurrence to advertise the project from CDOT.  After Concurrence to Advertise is issued from CDOT, EPRD will advertise the construction project on BidNet, the Daily Journal and in the Canyon Courier. Advertisement is expected in late June with a construction contractor selected by the end of July, 2022. 

The project’s current estimated schedule includes up to 300 consecutive calendar days from the Contractor’s Notice to Proceed to complete the work with construction beginning in late summer 2022 with substantial completion of major construction activities by May 15th, 2023. Final site work and landscaping would continue through June of 2023.  The traffic detour at the project site will be in place for up to 120 consecutive calendar days between the Contractor’s Notice to Proceed and May 15th, 2023.  The contractor will propose a work schedule to EPRD once they are selected.  Please note that current conditions in the construction industry are causing volatility in pricing and availability for both materials and labor.

Project bids (expected in July) will help solidify the project scheduling and price information.  Monthly project updates are provided at the EPRD Board monthly meeting (4th Tuesday at 5 pm via Zoom).

Update 04-2022: Jefferson County’s plan review in relation to issuing Floodplain and Grading Permits that are needed for construction is ongoing. This needs to be completed before the construction project can be advertised to bidders. We have received the required yellow Jefferson County Project Notification signs and have posted them along the trail. Thanks to Heart Cameron and his crew for posting the signs and making sure they stay up! 

Our current schedule is to advertise the construction project around June of this year. We hope to have a contractor selected and under contract by July with the goal for substantial completion of construction by the end of the year. There are many factors that could affect the schedule such as construction material and labor availability.  We will know more once we have a contractor on board. 

EPRD has secured additional funding for the trail construction!  DRCOG’s Board recently has approved another $400K in funding toward the project from the TIP Subregional Waitlist.  Thank you to DRCOG! 

The construction traffic detour plan remains the same with eastbound traffic toward downtown next to the lake remaining on SH 74 and westbound traffic along the lake being detoured along Meadow Dr/Douglas Park Rd.  All roadways maintain two-way traffic with the exception of SH 74 between Upper Bear Creek Rd and the traffic light at the intersection of SH 74/CR 73.  This section of SH 74 along Evergreen Lake will be reduced to one lane with one way traffic heading east toward downtown Evergreen.  There will be significant advance signage letting motorists know about the detour and also signage reminding visitors that local businesses remain open for business!

Update 02-2022: The Evergreen Lake North Trail Project is scheduled for major construction activities in 2022 with some minor project completion activities extending into June 2023. Currently it is estimated that the project will go to construction bidding in the April-June 2022 time frame, and construction activities will begin in the July-September 2022 time frame. It is expected that major construction activities last about four months. The associated detour (southbound traffic only on SH-74 between Upper Bear Creek and CR-73; northbound traffic from downtown will use Meadow Drive to Douglas Park) will be in place during this period. The Project Engineer currently is reviewing any impacts the revised schedule will have on construction means and methods and cost estimates. EPRD also is working with representatives from the local business community to assess and address potential impacts of the project to local business and traffic. EPRD thanks the Evergreen community and project stakeholders for your valuable input and patience as we get ready to implement this major trail improvement.

or this project is now complete. All state and federal historic and environmental reviews have been completed. The traffic control plan has also been approved. The project is expected to go to bid for a contractor in mid-late September 2021 and a contractor selected by November 2021.  We are planning for construction to begin in the first half of 2022.  This will affect traffic on Hwy 74 around the lake and residents can expect lane closures and rerouting for approximately four months from February through May 2022. The entire project is expected to take eight months. Due to additional increases in materials, EPRD is seeking additional grant funds to help with this project as the estimate is now $4.1 million for the project. To date, EPRD has secured over $3.7 in grants and matching contributions to pay for this project. EPRD is planning to have 2-3 community meetings in December/January to discuss the construction timelines that will take place. 

2021: Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) in conjunction with Evergreen Metropolitan District (EMD) finished in April a temporary repair for 6 sections of the Evergreen Lake North Trail which had been deteriorating over the years.  These are completely different sections from the ones temporarily repaired in 2017.    

EPRD has been working with EMD, City and County of Denver, CDOT, and Jefferson County on a permanent, long-term improvement for the Evergreen Lake North Trail system since 2016. EPRD has secured over $3.7 million in funding - primarily in grants and matching contributions in order to pay for trail improvement and repairs. The project’s goal is to not only repair the trail and protect the water line, but also improve the experience for all users of the trail for generations to come.  EPRD is grateful to its local partners, Evergreen Metro District, and Evergreen Legacy Fund, for their contributions toward the project, and also to the entire Evergreen community for its patience through this major undertaking. 

2020:  During 2020 we finalized the design for both the upper and lower trails. Final design reviews will occur in early 2021 to stay on track for an anticipated summer 2022 construction schedule. 

2019:  Initiated the last phase of planning for Phase 3 final design and engineering of trail's long-term solution. Continued collaborative process with CCD, CDOT, Evergreen Metropolitan District, and Jefferson County.  Filed grant applications and raised funds for construction of the long-term trail improvement recommended in the Phase 2 Planning Study.   

2018: OV Consulting conducted a planning study to develop a community-supported vision for the long-term trail solution. Two community meetings were held in 2018 (January and May) to help develop trail alternatives for the long-term solution. The Phase 2 Planning Study Final Report was completed in September 2018.

2017: Closed portion of the Evergreen Lake North trail was reopened for public use.  The trail maintenance and repairs conducted to reopen the trail are not intended to be a long-term solution.  The trail may be closed for periods of time if repairs or improvements are warranted in the future. Phase 1 Preliminary Engineering Study was conducted by Muller Engineering Company to develop baseline information and conduct geotechnical, civil, geometric, drainage, and structural engineering analysis. 

2016: In April 2016, the Evergreen Lake Trail was closed by Evergreen Park & Recreation District due to unstable conditions. EPRD amassed more than $400,000 to repair the trail in the short-term and design a trail improvement for the long-term.