Evergreen Lake North Trail Project

The Evergreen Lake North Trail Project was created in response to the Spring 2016 closure of the trail along State Highway 74 on the north side of Evergreen Lake between Upper Bear Creek Road and Evergreen Dam.  The trail system is located on property owned by the City and County of Denver (CCD) and managed by the Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD).  The project's goal is to work with the community, stakeholders and funders to develop a long-term solution for the Evergreen Lake North Trail. Improvements to this trail segment were recommended by the 2015 Evergreen Trails Master Plan.

In recent years, sections of the steel bin wall have failed due to drainage, structural, and surface issues in the project area.  In late April 2016, after heavy spring snowfalls and runoff from the spring thaw, a significant failure of several sections of the trail occurred and posed safety issues to trail users.  Therefore, a portion of the trail was closed in late April 2016 and a process began to determine the exact nature of the failures, identify potential solutions to them, and develop a vision for moving forward. 

Project Progress:

2019:  Initiated the last phase of planning for Phase 3 final design and engineering of trail's long-term solution. Continued collaborative process with CCD, CDOT, Evergreen Metropolitan District, and Jefferson County.  Filed grant applications and raised funds for construction of the long-term trail improvement recommended in the Phase 2 Planning Study.   

2018: OV Consulting conducted a planning study to develop a community-supported vision for the long-term trail solution. Two community meetings were held in 2018 (January and May) to help develop trail alternatives for the long-term solution. The Phase 2 Planning Study Final Report was completed in September 2018.

2017: Closed portion of the Evergreen Lake North trail was reopened for public use.  The trail maintenance and repairs conducted to reopen the trail are not intended to be a long-term solution.  The trail may be closed for periods of time if repairs or improvements are warranted in the future. Phase 1 Preliminary Engineering Study was conducted by Muller Engineering Company to develop baseline information and conduct geotechnical, civil, geometric, drainage, and structural engineering analysis. 

2016: In April 2016, the Evergreen Lake Trail was closed by Evergreen Park & Recreation District due to unstable conditions. EPRD amassed more than $400,000 to repair the trail in the short-term and design a trail improvement for the long-term.  

Project Documents:

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