Youth mountain bike jump ramp training

Junior Mountain Biking Program (8 to 12 Years)

Join our biking group as they ride the trails of the local open space parks. The group meets Sun at the west entrance of Alderfer/Three Sisters Open Space Park. Participants will be divided into groups based on age and ability. Volunteers are needed to lead these individual groups. Riders must have at least a 24-inch wheeled bike and helmet for all rides. Each registered participant will receive a biking jersey (only for summer program).

  • Will Return in Summer 2021

Advanced Mountain Biking Program (10 to 16 Years)

This program will provide in-depth skill development for those interested in pursuing mountain biking as a lifelong sport, or help prepare for the High School Mountain Bike Team. Participants will compete in two races as a team. Each registered participant will receive a biking jersey (only for summer program).

As a prerequisite, participants should have basic mountain biking skills, such as knowledge of:

  • Braking
  • Safety
  • Simple bike repairs
  • Single-track riding
  • Trail etiquette
  • Using gears
  • Will Return in Summer 2021

Middle School Mountain Bike Club (10 to 14 Years)

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Calling all Middle School Mountain Bikers. This awesome program will help you take your mountain biking to the next level with technical skills training, building your endurance, and the opportunity to race with club at local mountain bike races (races are optional). Cost for the program includes totally rad team socks (spring) and a super cool custom jersey designed by the team (fall). Participating in races may require additional costs.