Evergreen Park & Recreation District has outdoor pickleball and tennis courts available for the community.

  • Marshdale Park has 4 dedicated pickleball courts and 1 multi-purpose tennis/pickleball court 
  • Wulf Recreation Center has 4 tennis courts 
Aerial View of Tennis Courts
People playing pickleball at Marshdale Courts


The District offers indoor and outdoor courts:

  • Dedicated outdoor courts (4) at Marshdale Park
  • Shared courts (4) in Gymnasium at Wulf Recreation Center
  • Multi-purpose court (1) at Marshdale Park for both tennis & pickleball

Marshdale Outdoor Court Guidelines and Rules:

Court Times: 

Available SUNRISE to SUNSET - 7 Days per week, weather permitting

Guidelines and Court Rules:

  1. EPRD has the right to change times or add classes and programs as needed.
  2. Any group that promotes or organizes play on courts must submit a reservation request or Park Permit request.
  3. The Marshdale West court is intended for pickleball play only. The East court is a multi-use court and available for drop-in tennis outside of schedule pickleball play. Refer to schedule.
  4. If fewer than 17 pickleball participants are in attendance, during scheduled play, the West court must be used and the East court is available for tennis.
  5. When all 8 courts are scheduled for pickleball, the following system should be used to match players of different skill levels. Advanced and Upper Intermediate players should use the 4 north courts while Intermediate and Social players should use the 4 south courts. The number of courts assigned to these levels may be adjusted if more players of one group far outnumber another.
  6. Marshdale Pickleball nets should be removed from East court, after play, and stored against fence.
  7. No outside individual or group lesson/instruction is allowed. Go to evergreenrecreation.com for information on classes.
  8. No pets on the courts at any time.
  9. All other EPRD Park Rules must be followed at all times.
  10. No lawn chairs inside the court area to limit damage to the courts.
  11. Courts are available for first come-first served basis and individual reservations are not available.  See below contact info for tournament and/or clinic play.
  12. EPRD does not manage Level of Play, but recommends that participants divide themselves by ability and by court.

Please be respectful of all participants and do not enter the gate during active play, chase balls or socialize on courts while match play is occurring.

For More Information, Please Contact:

If you have questions regarding indoor pickleball, classes or programs, contact Jeff Sweet, 720-880-1221.

If interested in reserving the Marshdale outdoor courts for special events, tournaments or clinics, contact Jarred Lilyhorn, 720-880-1014.