Father with Children at Kittredge Park Playground

Parkland is owned by Jefferson County. Parkland is leased and managed by Evergreen Park & Recreation District.

Update 5/5/23: Jefferson County and the property owner south of the park have signed a settlement agreement to resolve the dispute related to Bear Creek access from the park. This settlement honors the long history of public use of this beloved area while respecting the concerns of adjacent property owners. More information can be found on the Kittredge Park Settlement Handout (PDF).

Update 7/27: We are pleased to announce that the County and the property owner adjacent to Kittredge Park have temporarily agreed to an arrangement allowing the public to access to Bear Creek. Access is limited to the north (park) side of the creek and only during park hours (one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset) and should follow the path that is posted for access. Unreasonable noise, overnight camping, motorized vehicles, consumption of marijuana, and digging are all prohibited. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Dogs must be leashed, and waste must be picked up and deposited into receptacles.

We ask that all visitors adhere to the park regulations and recreate responsibly. If conflicts arise, please contact Jefferson County's Sheriff's Office at 720-497-7850.

Update 4/29: Jeffco Open Space: Kittredge Park Update and Q+A


  • 1.5 acres in size
  • Asphalt fitness trail
  • Picnic shelter with two picnic tables and single 120v GFCI Outlet - For reservation information, visit the Parks Listing page
  • Playground


Welch Avenue at Highway 74
Evergreen, CO 80439

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